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Savasystem consists of two main parts:

1. Diagnostic
2. Therapeutic

 The diagnostic component is based on an orthodontic/occlusal/gnathologic protocol. From basic scan procedures to bite registration techniques. All is supplemented by a rational clinical approach that shells all objective data.
 The therapeutic component consists in the use of several orthodontic functional appliances as well as a specific Savasystem bracket prescription. This bracket prescription has been developed from Dr. Savastano based on over 25 years of experience with mandibular tracking. He has observed the best functional results with these prescriptions by studying Scans 4/5 on the mandibular kinesiograph (k5i-k6-k7). This bracket prescription also simplifies anterior and lateral disclusion according to ideal neuromuscular objectives and facilitates intrusion/extrusion procedures for free-way space correction. Furthermore, the Savasystem Bracket Prescription (SBP) is focused on torque control of the anterior segments which represents a key factor when creating a functional occlusion.

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